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Rangefinder For Hunting


A rangefinder is an essential tool for hunting. You should find for a compact device which is rugged and lightweight. Your device should also be cable of withstanding any weather condition. Its advanced optics could be the difference maker of your shot. Ranger finds are used in measuring the distance between the target and your standing position. They are similar to a hand held telescope.

Their operating principle is light emission and reflection. They are high precision devices with a precision accuracy of about yard. They are used for calculating the distance by determining the amount of time taken by the beam to be reflected back. They provide the hunters with a valuable insight before they decide to pull the trigger.

When choosing a game ranger finder, you should consider some important dcameraetails such as simple, eye cup for support, binoculars-like design, and single- button operation.The devices are designed for activities such as archery and target shooting.

Always ensure that your game ranger is clearly visible, and the shot is accurate always in any terrain. the device should also be easy to handle. The device should also be shock proof, fog proof, and waterproof.

Unique features of a range finder

The coated lenses of a range finder provide you with a bright clear image. The anti-reflective coating on the lens of your device ensures it can be read quickly. Rangefinders have a clear LCD to allow easy reading both in the low evening light and in bright sunlight.

Clarity of your rangefinder display

The devcamice also has a decline or incline compensation features which allow you to shoot the target range in any terrain, from elevated to flat ground. The following factors should be considered when buying a hunting rangefinder.


Cheaper items are likely to experience divergence. A laser light which is further away from the source expands more. High priced models have much divergence which makes them more accurate.

Lighting conditions

Remember that when you are hunting, you experience different weather conditions. You are therefore advised to go for a device which will offer an angular compensation which gives room for adjusting the amount of light.


Most of the available rangefinders have this functionality.the equipment should be rugged as possible regardless of its price.


In hunting, you are likely to walk for long distances. You should, therefore, look for a light model to reduce your loads.


You should always make sure that your rangefinder has the standard range of +/-yard. This the range recommended for high precision. Otherwise, a different range means the device would not meet the intended purpose. Other factors include:

  • Battery life
  • Size of your tool
  • Maximum range
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