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How Parents Can Connect With Their Children

Parents fear at some point that they are not connecting with their children like they would wish to. You get worried that you do not know them well as you should. You worry that they may be engaging in activities that you do not recommend. The fear is scary, and the good news is that you can easily fix it as long as you are willing to connect with your children.

Ways you can connect with your children

Physical play

Playing physically with your kids emotionally boosts them and deepens your connection with thwoman carrying babyem. Physical active ways of engagement with your children can include playing their favorite sport, chasing them around the house, giving them a piggy back ride, and so on.

Talk and listen to your kids

Talking is the basic way to connect to your children. You can always ask about their day and tell them about yours. Children have an incredible memory, so try to remember all they tell you. Prove to them you were listening by asking them questions about what they told you, and show them that you want to know more. Be patient with your rebellious older children and teens, because they will not tell you everything in one sitting. With time you will find the connection you are looking for.

Show affection

Scientific studies have proven that humans need touch. Touch increases the overall well-being, decreases violence and increases trust. It might be challenging and uncomfortable for you if you grew up in a family that did not show affectionate behaviors like kisses and hugs, but it is worth trying.

Find out what they like and learn about it

Figure out the things that your children are passionate about, and share in their joy by doing research on their interests so you can have a quality conversation with them. You will feel close to them, and it will send a message that you care about their interests. These subtle messages mean a lot.

Eye contact

Eye contact helps you woman and boy looking each otherbuild a connection with your children and keeps it strong. Make eye contact with your children each chance you get, every time you speak to them. Children value the emotional connection they get through eye contact.

Spending real intentional time with your children can be difficult. And it is not easy being a good parent either. Just remember that your children will not remain kids forever, and so anything and everything you say, do or do not can change their lives.