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Packaging Practices for Marijuana Marketers


A good brand ought to apply the best practices when it comes to packaging to marketing. The right packaging design should make a statement, a competitive edge, and more. With the legalization of cannabis, disruptive new products have hit the market. You may be surprised to learn that some of the old laws do apply as far as packaging design is concerned. Therefore, there is a need to consider different rules of brand design and packaging. Ever since I bought weed vacuum seal bags for my dispensary, customers have commented on how much they appreciate the packaging. These are some of the top tips for cannabis packaging.

Go for Mind-Blowing Impact

Ideally, this is a basic rule of packaging. It means that if your product does not stand out on the shelf, your product is dead. There is a need to engage all senses. Other than looking appealing, it ought to be pleasing to the touch. If you want to sell your product easily, you should make the manufacturer choose the product. That is because over 85% of the consumers that get to like your packaging, buy the product.

Shape, Color, and Text

The truth is that shape, color, and text are vital priorities when it comes to building blocks of package design. In this case, you need to understand how it feels. Therefore, the shape should deliver the promise of the product. On the other hand, the color ought to express the personality of the brand.

Embrace Social Media Technology

The aim of cannabis packaging design is to create an emotional connection with consumers where they are and live. Fortunately, digital technology makes this possible. You should make it possible for consumers to know the origins of the plant, safety precautions, dosages, and state regulations. A good package of cannabis can easily connect with millions of people through Instagram.

Messaging and Responsibility

It is difficult to sell and market to the younger consumers unless the brand can make claims around social responsibility and sustainability. In this case, you can think of sustainable packaging where you use recycled materials, organic farming techniques, and the ingredients list.

Understand the Consumer

It is advisable to be mindful of channels that you deploy and messaging you use. For instance, millennials like authenticity, hence reasons for moving away from mass-produced products to the craft brands. If you are running an established business, then you need to create a unique identity with your packaging. You need to integrate it with your cannabis products. Remember that cannabis is a regulated product, and it is subject to government oversight.…

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What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You


Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Manhattan was the only way I would have been able to afford my surgery, however I was unsure whether I would find a qualified injury lawyer near Queens, the borough of New York City that I live in. The injury attorneys at Select Attorney have locations all over NYC, making it easier to serve accident victims across New York.

That was a statement made by one of the many clients of the said firm. If you, too, are living in New York and have incurred injuries due to the negligence or even the intentional acts of other people, you should look for a reliable lawyer. Here are the most important things that a personal injury attorney can do for you:

Evaluate the Merits of the Case

Most personal injury lawyers only charge their clients once a verdict or settlement has been obtained. With this, they screen the cases that they take on by evaluating the merits. In other words, they see to it that the case is worth fighting for and that their clients have a high chance of getting a favorable decision.

reviewing documents

Gather Evidence

In every claim, the evidence plays a very important role. This is why you can expect your attorney to gather pieces of evidence that will support your case. This may include a police report, medical certificate, statements of witnesses, and pictures or video footage of the scene. All of these things can dictate the fate of your case.

Talk to Insurance Companies

When accidents occur, insurance companies usually come into the picture. It would be best to have your lawyer talk to them instead of doing it all by yourself. This is one way of protecting your rights. You have to keep in mind that any statement that you give, especially when it is recorded, can be used against you. Or worse, it may jeopardize your claim, and that is something that you wouldn’t want to happen.

Provide Representation in Court

In case things are taken all the way to court, and it requires trial, your attorney can represent you as well. For this reason, you should carefully choose a lawyer whom you are entrusting your case to. Make sure that they are well-experienced and know what they are doing.

Send Demand Letters


After gathering evidence and investigating, your lawyer can send demand letters to the insurance company if it is proven that the accident was not your fault. You can then start processing your claim. Your attorney will also negotiate the maximum amount that you should get as compensation.…

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